Dealing with Construction Permits


Shown below are the procedures, time, and costs to build a warehouse, including obtaining necessary licenses and permits, completing required notifications and inspections, and obtaining utility connections.

DB 2016 Rank 62 DB 2015 Rank 72 Change in Rank up10
DB 2016 DTF (% points) 72.43 DB 2015 DTF (% points) 70.32 Change in DTF (% points) up2.11
Indicator Armenia Europe & Central Asia OECD

The total number of procedures required to build a warehouse. A procedure is any interaction of the company’s employees or managers with external parties.

Procedures (number)
18 15.9 12.4

The total number of days required to build a warehouse. The measure captures the median duration that local experts indicate is necessary to complete a procedure in practice.

Time (days)
84.0 176.3 152.1

Cost is recorded as a percentage of the warehouse value.

Cost (% of warehouse value)
1.0 4.4 1.7

The building quality control index is based on six other indices—the quality of building regulations, quality control before construction, quality control during construction, quality control after construction, liability and insurance regimes, and professional certifications indices.

Building quality control index (0-15)
9.5 11.2 11.4
No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs
1 Apply and obtain architectural-constructional assignment (АПЗ) 15 days no charge
* 2 Request and obtain technical conditions approval from Yerevan Water and Sewage Company 15 days no charge
* 3 Request and obtain technical conditions approval from Electrical Networks of Armenia 15 days no charge
* 4 Request and obtain technical conditions approval on Fire Safety from Ministry of Emergency Situations 3 days no charge
5 Request and obtain building permit from Yerevan Municipality 15 days AMD 350,000
* 6 Notify State Inspection of the Ministry of Urban Development of the start of construction works 1 day no charge
7 Receive inspection by the Municipality 1 day no charge
8 Receive inspection by State Inspection of Urban Development of Ministry of Urban Development 1 day no charge
9 Request water and sewage services 9 days AMD 2,600
10 Receive water and sewage inspection and obtain connection 1 day no charge
11 Submit the construction logbook to the Municipality and request occupancy permit 1 day no charge
* 12 Notify the Ministry of Urban Planning about the completion of construction works 1 day no charge
13 Receive final inspection from Ministry of Urban Planning 1 day no charge
14 Receive final inspection from the Ministry of Emergency Situations 7 days no charge
* 15 Receive final inspection from the Municipality 1 day no charge
16 Obtain occupancy permit from the Municipality 28 days AMD 100,000
17 Register the building with the Cadastre 2 days AMD 127,332
* 18 Receive on-site inspection for building registration 1 day AMD 200,000
* Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.