Research and Analysis Services

To assure a top position on any market and to realize the full capacity of your business any company needs to understand its strength through conduct a thorough comparative research in the field of its activities. Aside from providing hands-on advice and consulting in various areas, GLOBAL SPC also is active in conducting comparative analysis, benchmarking research, sector research, strategy development, and political digests.

The Research and Analysis Department of GLOBAL SPC is equipped with highly professional staff capable of conducting top-quartile research and analysis in various economic and social fields such as IT, Education, Construction, Investments, Tourism, Mass Media, and Export Development among others.

Today, more and more companies and institutions realize the increasing importance of benchmarking and identification of best practice approaches to problem solving, GLOBAL SPC is your best solution for conducting a benchmarking study and helping you in identifying the best custom-tailored solutions to your specific situation.

Our Research and Analysis Department has gained a solid reputation among foreign and local clients, such as international organizations, governmental agencies, private businesses, and social sector representatives. Realizing the importance of accurate data collection and fair analysis, GLOBAL SPC applies its professionalism to provide you with complete and hands-on products, that will help you to realize your position on the market, find quick and most accurate solutions to your situation, as well as keep you updated on the field of your interest.

Strategic Analysis

GLOBAL SPC Strategic Analysis department provides its clients with strategic analysis, including country-risk assessments and political reports, offers much more than simply an in-depth assessment of the Republic of Armenia. We provide a unique approach to understanding the situation in the region in the broader scope, which is an essential precondition for making a more informed business and investment decision. Our Strategic Services offers unique products covering the most significant trends and developments in the areas of economics, politics, and military-security issues.

Recognizing that information and knowledge are essential for sound decision making—something equally true for individual investors as well as for international organizations, we also provide extensive training services aimed at serving our client base by offering tools and skills important for gaining advantage over their competitors.

Market Research Services

Global SPC’s Market Research Department has been founded on the basis of highly trained and educated staff, which has a huge experience under its belt and is ready to introduce, support and develop our clients in the market through suitable and worthy custom researches.

In today's complex world obtaining first-hand information has become the most valuable resource for successful competition. Global SPC provides full range of traditional and modern technologies from internet research and perceptual mapping to cool hunting and mystery shopping to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Our key services are:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Internet Based Researches
  • Segmentation Research
  • International Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Brand Research
  • Demand Estimation
  • Market Assessment

Survey Services

As the primary source identifying people’s values, attitudes and behaviours, surveys are extremely important for conducting effective marketing researches. At Global SPC we deliver surveys, interviews and questionnaires, execute their detailed analysis, prepare and present final results report.

During the years we have developed our unique style of work which makes possible to provide innovative solutions to usual questions. Every survey designed by Global SPC is custom-fitted to your needs, your customer, and your market.

Global SPC’s staff expertise in reaching markets allows them to quickly collect data through the following methodologies:
  • Telephone
  • Mail/Direct Mail
  • Internet
  • In-home Surveys
  • Individual Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Brainstorming
  • Mass Media
  • About Armenia

  • Geography

  • Investment Environment

  • Business Set-up

  • Business Startup

  • Taxation and Accounting

  • Legal System

  • Industrial Policy