Strategic Marketing

Our value and distinction is that working through our partner’s network, we recruit top experts in order to build up a team which is best suited for our client’s needs.

  • Development of communication strategy – processing information, determining target groups, strategic plan of arrangements and events
  • Corporate communication – creating the main information on enterprise
  • Marketing communication – creating and transferring the main information on goods and services
  • Making up a communication manual – designing communication principles of enterprise, determining speakers by issues, principles for crisis situation management
  • Current strategic consultationad hoc consulting in compliance with the enterprise's needs

Corporate Marketing

Our main goal is to design the best communication and marketing solutions to meet client needs and to effectively communicate the company’s messages to their target audience.
  • Current consultation ad hoc consulting in compliance with the enterprise's needs
  • Consultation concerning the enterprise's webpage and intranet
  • Drawing up an annual report – design, structure, texts, editing
  • Creation and realization of the concept informational brochure for clients
  • Processing internal informational brochure, writing articles, editing
  • Making up a communication manual – determining enterprise data paths and defining rules for their use

Relations with Mass Media

We integrate communication and marketing strategies in order to support the client’s main business strategy.
  • Media campaign – elaboration and fulfillment, determination of target groups and target mass media, media plan development, carrying out the campaign
  • Making up a news release – collection and selection of information, texts preparation, highlighting key points and separating important news
  • Conducting press-conferences – determining target groups and target mass media, selecting a place, recommending speakers and consulting them, mass media monitoring
  • Preparation of brochures and information materials – creating concepts, writing texts, designing, printing


Our company offers creative marketing and communication best solutions.
  • Internal communication audit – defining information flows inside the firm, revealing the obstacles, making suggestions for their elimination
  • External communication audit – defining your enterprise’s image in target groups’ opinion, creating preconditions for its improvement
  • Brand audit – giving feedback on how connected groups see your enterprise
  • Webpage audit – analyzing the webpage from the viewpoint of its position and capacity of data transferring, submitting suggestions for its development
  • Identity studies – ascertaining the enterprise’s image in opinion of different internal connected groups, fixing the situation, submitting suggestions for the further actions in order to improve the image
  • Mass media monitoring – following up the illustration of relevant issues in mass media and analyzing
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