Best Practice Reports

Global Best Practices Report, Volume 10, October 2010

In October, Global SPC published the successive Global Best Practices report on Attracting Foreign Direct Investments. The report brings out a number of factors and prerequisites important for attracting foreign direct investments, and discusses essential elements of the investment-friendly climate, such as macroeconomic, social and political stability, liberal foreign direct investment policies and good infrastructure. The report examines country-level determinants of this type of investments, defines the countries with high share of foreign direct investments in their GDP, as well as top countries in the UNCTAD Inward FDI performance index.


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 9, September 2010

Protection of intellectual property rights favours the economic development by promoting innovation, industrial and scientific R&D, preventing unauthorized copying, and by creating a positive environment for foreign direct investment and technology transfers. Based on this circumstance, Global SPC has published Global Best Practices Report on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, which points out means of successful Intellectual property protection and its promotion, and describes the best practices in achieving a distinguished intellectual property protection level, including laws, basic institutions, international participation, etc..


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 8, August 2010

Modern telecommunication systems, i.e. high-speed networks and the Internet, have become a significant incentive for economic growth and development. They have broadened markets and increased competition, as a result of which innovation is accelerated. Based on the circumstance that broadband Internet is the sub-sector of modern telecommunication systems with the highest penetration growth rate, the report on Modern Telecommunication, issued by Global SPC, mainly focuses on successful broadband Internet infrastructure development programs. The report relies on such data, as national statistical services of successful countries, development of service providers market share, broadband affordability and domestic network bandwidth capacity.


cover-3 FRUIT EXPORT (in armenian)
Global Best Practices Report, Volume 7, July 2010

The demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is increasing worldwide. The export of the mentioned products is also growing largely because of the development of technologies designed for their preservation. Almost every country assigns an important role to the fruit and vegetable export development. The Global Best Practices report on Fruit Export, published by Global SPC, demonstrates the main factors contributing to the increase of potential market and fruit export volumes. This Report identifies top fruit exporters in the developing world, using export values and growth rates, percentage of exported fruits in the total production, growth of share in global markets and other criteria.


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 6, June 2010

Global SPC has issued the Global Best Practices Report on Agricultural Export Development. The selection of this subject is ascribed to the fundamental role of agriculture in the economy. Countries apply various methods for protection of their agricultural exports (such as adoption of more liberal trade policies, agricultural trade reforms, subsidies, etc.). Alongside with these methods, the report reveals also factors that stimulate the growth of agricultural industry and offer favourable opportunities for agricultural exports, by introducing important indicators and successful performance of some countries in this sphere.


cover-3 REDUCING SHADOW ECONOMY (in armenian)
Global Best Practices Report, Volume 5, May 2010

The size of the informal economy has increased in 145 countries in 1999-2003. In spite of the failure in eliminating shadow economies, developing and transitioning countries have implemented policies which were successful in legalizing some part of it. Thus, taking into account these policies and examples of several countries, Global SPC has published the Global Best Practices Report on Reducing Shadow Economy. This report discusses the best policies and strategies in contracting unofficial economies, as well as reveals the factors causing growth of shadow economy, its both negative and positive effects on society.


cover-3 JEWELRY EXPORT MARKET (in armenian)
Global Best Practices Report, Volume 4, April 2010

The production and export of jewelry goods has steadily increased over the past few years, becoming one of the most important components of today’s economy. Thus, taking into account the substantial significance of this sphere, Global SPC has issued a Global Best Practices Report on Jewelry Export Market. This report identifies the countries that have registered the highest indicators in gem and jewelry exports, describes the best practices in the development of this sector, as well as introduces prominent establishments and instruments directed at the regulation and promotion of the mentioned sphere, basing upon world statistical data.


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 3, March 2010

Modern transportation infrastructure is the driving force of economies. Its development is essential for the sustainable economic growth of every country. Consequently, it should be efficient, secure and meet the standards for environmental protection. Based on these circumstances, the company Global SPC has issued a report on Modern Transportation Infrastructure. The latter examines the Global Best Practices in the above mentioned sphere, considering the introduction and promotion of transportation technologies, including Intelligent Transportation System, as well as problems related to traffic congestion, norms of efficiency of transport infrastructure and many other important issues.


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 2, February 2010

Due to the vital importance of the polished diamond market, Global SPC has published a report on Polished Diamond Export Development. This report determines the Global Best Practices of various countries and advanced institutions in the sphere of polished diamond and introduces the basic indicators and percentages concerning these exports, taking into consideration the annual growth rates, export shares in the global market, as well as the total value of polished diamond exports, based on the recent statistical data.


Global Best Practices Report, Volume 1, January, 2010

Export logistics is one of the basic factors for the development of the world economy. Therefore, in January 2010 Global SPC published a comprehensive report on Export Logistics Infrastructure. The main purpose of this report is to examine the International Best Practices in the export logistics infrastructure of generally landlocked countries from the viewpoints of supply, delivery and cost-efficiency. This review considers mostly export logistics development policies, substantially relying on the merchandise export volumes and export growth rates.


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